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Comités d'entreprises européens 4.0 - Améliorer le dialogue social européen

le 21/12/2017 par
"Comités d'entreprise européens 4.0 - Améliorer le dialogue social européen : Projet ASTREES avec IR SHARE"  

"New European Project ASTREES / IR SHARE : European Works Councils 4.0 / Fostering European social dialogue about digitalisation of transnational companies" : ASTREES and IR SHARE are glad to inform you that the EU Commission accepted to support our new european project named EWCs 4.0 ; We submitted this application last May 2017 under the mandate of the CEC European Managers. The project will start next month and also involve 4 associate organisations (SBI FORMAAT ; Sindnova; Fondazione Brodolini and Fundacion 1° de Mayo).

The objective will be to find out ways to develop European social dialogue at company level around the "digitalisation" of companies, a growing phenomenon everywhere (whatever the sectors or countries of origin). We intend to identify and analyse some emerging practices in this respect, in various companies and sectors, before discussing them through 2 transnational seminars (provisionnally planned in May 2018 and September 2018), open to both HR representatives and employee delegates. The final objective will be to draft a handbook able to support companies and employee representatives in engaging and developing a social dialogue on those issues. 

For any further information about the project : c.teissier@astrees.org

ASTREES décrypte les transformations du travail et de l'emploi, invente et diffuse, en France et en Europe, des pratiques sociales novatrices.


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